Purple Rain...

In honor of one of the most prolific musicians to grace the stage, I have decided to create this post.  Prince.  It was announced last week that Prince will headline the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Essence Festival in 2014!  I am a true Prince fan, but I can honestly say I have never seen him perform live.  I immediately made my reservation to attend the event in July 2014, but true planner that I am, I have already started thinking about what I'm going to wear there.  More importantly, I have been thinking about what makeup will look good in the steamy, makeup withering, NOLA in the heart of summer.  So, I have decided to let me lips speak for me when I go.  And to show homage to the Purple One, I present the purple lipsticks that will be packed in my makeup bag when I greet Prince (in my dreams)...

This is the only purple liner I have, and it was used in all of the photos.
MAC Chromographic Pencil in Rich Purple

 MAC Tinted Lipglass in Atmospheric

Black Radiance Indelibly Radiant Lipstick in Vogue Vixen
It looks very similar to the MAC Lipglass in Atmospheric doesn't it?  And for less than $2.50 at Walmart, CVS, and other drug stores, a real steal

Illamasqua Lip Paint in Fierce

MAC Lipstick in Jungle Juice

MAC Lipstick in Rebel
Note: This looks more pink in the photo, but it truly is a pinky-purpley color with blue undertones. A color that looks good on everyone.

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in #15 which is a pearly violet. The camera does this lipstick no justice!  It is a true showstopper.  It is iridescent, and like no other color out there. I wear this sparingly because when I do, people lose their minds, lol!  I am stopped ALL the time asking what color it is.

Do you remember Foxy Brown the rapper from the 1990s?  This was her signature lip color.  And one of the colors that drew me to MAC lipstick collection in the early 1990s. MAC Lipstick in Cyber

MAC Posh Paradise Mattene Lipstick in Potent Fig

I have provided links to all of these lipsticks. Most of the MAC lipsticks have been discontinued as they were part of limited editions, or just really old.  But they are still available for purchase, but may be a bit pricier because of the scarcity of the product.

Now, I have to go and think what purple outfits I can scrounge together that include velvet trim, tight fighting bellbottom flare pants, ruffle pirate/poet shirts, and small Cuban heeled boots.  I wouldn't want Prince to catch me slipping...


  1. girl, you have the most flawless face! So gorgeous. Enjoy his Purple Highness, he always puts on a great great show! Can't wait to see your entire purple ensemble for the occasion!

  2. Your camera quality is amazing! And you are gorgeous! I love those lip colors!

    1. Thank you so much Krystle! I gotta check your blog...


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