Welcome 2014...

I know that the resolutions are about to start rolling in, and I know that curvy girls across the globe are going to once again make resolutions that include losing weight.  And only until said curvy girl loses weight will they allow themselves to live.  For example, curvy girls across the world will say things like:

- "when I lose weight, I will wear a bathing suit"
- "when I lose weight, I will finally be able to get a man"
- "when I lose weight, I will buy clothes to fit my new frame"
- "I refuse to buy another item of clothing until I lose at least 20 lbs"
- "when I lose weight, I will cut my hair"

All of these restrictions until you lose the weight and begin enjoying life.  I usually never discuss weight on my blog, because this is not a weight loss blog.  I am not on any type of weight loss journey, deciding instead to document my fashion choices here.  But weight loss and fitness seems to have become ubiquitous in the plus size community, and many would say, "rightfully so".  But I disagree.  Weight is such a personal thing.  Comments aside about health, disease, etc. one's weight is truly personal.

In 2007, I  started to take control of my health with the help of one of my closest friends, Ange Anglade (she was my supervisor then).  She had had 3 children back to back, and was nearing 200 lbs. on a very petite frame, and she started Weight Watchers.  She shared her weight loss materials with me and after losing 16 lbs. on my own, I decided to join Weight Watchers on my own.  The pics below depict my highest and my lowest weights while on Weight Watchers:

Size 26/28

Size 14/16

Notice the fabulosity in the "before" picture?  Notice that I enjoyed life whether I was near 350 lbs. or if I was closer to 200 lbs.  I have not followed the Weight Watchers program for over 3 years, and admittedly I have gained back 17 lbs.  But that is in the midst of being a teacher in the worst school system for teachers in America (DC), getting married, moving in with my mother after Dad died, sending my son to live with his dad, taking custody of my teenage niece, moving into a house with a spouse, and just being.  And while I will lose the weight, I will continue to live. As my friend, Ange, who is also now a Holistic Nutritionist, states on her website, "it's not what you are eating, it's what eating you." So my resolution for 2014 is not for me as I do not make resolutions, but for all curvy girls who make weight-loss resolutions.

Curvy Girl Resolutions 2014!

1. I resolve to post pics of me eating cupcakes and ice cream and having a drink.  I will not only post pics of lean protein and vegetables. It's okay for me to have sweets.  I'm grown.

2. I resolve to workout and not feel obligated to post pics of my sweat and "calories burned" statistics to social media.  I don't have to prove to anyone that I work out. I can just do it for myself.

3.  I resolve to wear more than body con dresses.  I know that body con dresses make me feel smaller because they are tight, but if something else fits a little looser, who cares?  I do not have to accentuate my waist all the time.

4. I resolve to cut my hair when I want to, not only when I "lose" weight.  Whoever told me that big girls need big hair was stating an opinion, not a fact.

5. I resolve not to keep looking back at #tbt pics of when I was smaller and vowing to "get back to that size again!"  I will make new goals that fit my new life, and not dwell on a different past.

6. I resolve to love myself at any size!  Life does not begin at a size 14 (the goal size for almost every curvy girl)

Happy New Year everyone. Live!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I feel the same way - have run the gamut from size 18 to 24 but that never affected my style. I continue to work towards achieving/maintaining good health, especially now that I've reached "a certain age" but refuse to put anything on hold - life is too short not to enjoy every moment! Happy New Year Sister!

    1. Happy New Year! As I get older,it really becomes more about health than vanity. Thanks for your perspective.

  2. First time here and I like this post and your Fashionable Self. Now that I am older and somewhat wiser, being HAPPY with myself makes me want to BE better and I do not make resolutions because my completion rate is less than 30%. So, onward to a Happy Long Life. . . I will be back to read more.

    1. It really is about living, right? Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. See you soon.

  3. Although you've shared your weight loss story with me before, reading it on your blog is just as inspiring. Thanks for sharing and keeping in real. You hit the nail on the head when you talked about living life, regardless of your weight. I plan to (continue) to do just that. XO!


    1. Right? Thanks for the comment Whitney. Everything cannot happen "when" we lose the weight.

  4. Everything looks so sweet, I admire this kind of life and the best wishes for you. Hope that we can communicate with each other. By the way, any body try this Free Photo Recovery Software?I think it is good.


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