Bleeding red...

A red dress is everything I am not, decidedly: a siren, sexy, vampish, sultry, and another other word synonymous with sex.  Truthfully, this dress was purchased for The Spouse.  Sometimes, I purchase items that I think The Spouse will appreciate seeing me in, and this dress won out.  And because it was sooooooo inexpensive (under $25), the fact that I have NO intentions on wearing this often (or ever again for that matter) I will rock it for now.  Paired with my ever present black tights, and over the knee boots, that I still love, I tried to toughen this look up. But there is something about a red chiffon dress with ruffles at the shoulders  that does not scream edgy.  Topping off this outfit are a pair of my prize possession earrings from Na-Zeem  and my red lips courtesy of Nars Dragon Girl.  The blond hair strikes yet again.

Dress: Forever 21, Tights: Hue, Boots: Ros Hammerson

All in all, I learned that my skin will not burn if I do not wear Black, or white, or some combination of those colors.  I will attempt to wear more color.


Army Green...

This post is all about the coat.  My friend, Makkah, from Revolution Vintage Shop gave this coat to me and MADE me wear it.  Now, I am not about a long coat, but as the temps decrease even more, they are beginning to look more and more attractive.  And this coat is anything but flattering.  I truly believe it is a comforter with buttons, but hey, it gets the job done.


One way to curvy?

I am an avid Instagrammer (follow me @girlsofplenty).  And trust me, if you are still questioning whether or not to accept and love your curves, the abundance of curvy girls flouncing about on Instagram will certainly convince you otherwise.  I am so proud that curvy women of all ages have started a movement to love their bodies.  But as a mature woman who is in the center of the curvy girl revolution, I wonder... does loving one's curves mean that you can only wear body conscious offerings?  If you have followed the blog, you know that I love a big, voluminous shirt, a tent dress, or any other excess of fabric.
This day, I decided to wear the "uniform" of curvy bloggers which include a body-conscious dress and high heels.  Because I am obsessed with black, opaque tights, I had to add them.  This of course may mean that I am not confident of my curves, but nothing is farther from the truth.  Add a little faux leather jacket and I feel curvy blogger complete. Now, I feel as sexy as I always feel, tight clothes be damned.  But I have to admit, my true sexiness is often on display when I am wearing my "big" clothes.  It is then, that I feel most like myself.  Am I trying to cover my curves?  Absolutely not. Am I proud of my curves? Absolutely.  Will I wear more items like this? Ummmm...Don't hold your breath.

Black tight: Spanx, Shoes: Nine West (old)

Leopard Dress: Asos Curve, Jacket: Forever 21+

Pssst! I've gone blonde, platinum blonde actually, if you didn't notice...



Like most people, I am obsessed with Instagram.  And after looking at some of my postings, it occurred to me that my Instagram life is so much more full than my blog life. LOL.  I am the absolute worst blogger in that I hate purses and bags and will most often opt out of taking my camera with me most places.  I am definitely a person that likes to mingle and I hate to disrupt a good conversation with pics, and I hate using my cell phone in any capacity when I have the attention of someone.  Real live people trump pictures always.  But if you want to see the life that I lead a little more closely (honestly, not much) follow me over at Instagram: @girlsofplenty.  See you there...

My Instagram life...

Please follow, I always follow back!


Sparkles of sequins...Now what?

Happy New Year!  2013 is finally here, and the holiday season is behind us once again.  If you are like me, I am now thinking about what to do with my favorite holiday clothing items.  Unlike some people who can afford to compartmentalize their wardrobes, my holiday clothes have to be all-purpose and serve me before and/or after the holidays.  Like many women, I am a lover of shiny things, sequins included, and although every magazine editor will attempt to assure you that "sequins are for day" many people are not convinced.  Here, I take 3 of my favorite pieces this holiday season, and show you how I plan to wear them well into 2013.  

The best way to make this work for me, was to go as far away from anything that would make this skirt appear dressy.
A basic black sweatshirt, a puffy Black vest, black tights and wedge booties make this outfit appropriate for grocery shopping, errand running, catching a movie, etc.
Black sweatshirt, Walmart; Vest, Lauren Ralph Lauren; Tights, Spanx; Boots, Target; Necklace: ASOS

This blazer can not be relegated to the back of my closet until next year's holiday season.  This outfit is perfect for going out to catch up with my friends,  a day of shopping, or for an impromptu club visit.
Sequin-sleeve jacket: Asos Curve (last year); Nicki Minaj t-shirt: Random; Jeans, thrifted; Booties: Nine West (super old) 

Of course, tuxedo blazers are everywhere this holiday season as they have been for the last few years.  But to challenge myself a bit, I went for this soft, pale pink color (I hate pink!) and I purchased this from Forever 21! (I am really starting to love some of their clothing. Shhh, don't tell anyone).  A hi-low tee shirt, cropped black pants, and men's brogues ground the ceremonial nature of this jacket, and keep this sacharine, sweet shade of pink from overwhelming us in visions of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies.
Tuxedo jacket: Forever 21+; White Tee: H&M; Black Pants: Lane Bryant (super old); Brogues, thrifted.

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