Spring Trends Part III...Leather (Faux Leather)

This was probably the most difficult Spring 2013 trend for me to interpret.  I have several different faux leather jackets, but I wanted to do a little something different.  Although most of the Spring trend forecasters are pushing pastel colored leather pieces, my desire to look like an easter egg is nonexistent! If it ain't black leather, why do it? LOL

When I began this Spring trend challenge, a challenge to myself was to only use items that I already own.  That makes this challenge a bit more difficult, but a bit more authentic as noone I know has the funds to recreate their wardrobe every single season.  Here, my interpretation...

Faux leather skirt:Thrifted, Shirt: JCPenney, Tights: Hue, 

Boots: Nine West

Note: I put this on with the intent of wearing this on date night.  But after seeing the pictures I changed. I felt like I was trying too hard and I was not comfortable.  My number one rule is to wear things that I feel good in and this was not it.  As an woman nearing 40, I do not want to look like someone in their 20s.  So, although these items of clothing are in my closet, I do not want to wear them together the way they are grouped together here.  Be true to self....

Turn down for what?!...

As you all probably know, I am a teacher.  I teach Middle School English to be specific.  Every year, my Advisory class is a group of about 12-15 girls.  And every year, I try to instill in my girls a sense of confidence, a sense of pride in self, and self-love.  This school year has proven no different.  I work in a very diverse school, but across race and ethnicities, I notice that almost all my girls suffer from peer pressure to be something other than who and what they are.  A lot of this is puberty, I know, but I remind them at all times that being you is okay.  But I rarely tell them these things.  I show them.  This is a photo shoot we conducted Friday in which I attempted to show them how to be fabulous at all times.  We were on the playground, and the boys (ugh) were watching us, so of course they were embarrassed .  But then I showed them that playing small doesn't serve us.  They were embarrassed for me (as they always are regarding what I wear, say, how I act, etc.), but I asked them, "turn down for what?!"

Of course, school rules prohibit me from posting pictures of my students on my blog, but rest assured, they were serving the entire time.


Spring Trends Part II...Florals

Okay, hopefully you remember the Spring Trends challenge me and a few other bloggers are participating in (find it here) This week's challenge asks for an interpretation of the huge Floral trends that has been seen up and down the runways for a while.  Here the conundrum...I hate floral prints.  I mean absolutely hate them.  I think that florals on clothing is sacrilegious to the point of being profane.  Maybe it's because I have severe allergies and have been taking Allergy shots for over 5 years, or maybe floral prints remind me of the drapes/carpet/rug/sofa/china pattern set my grandma was determined to match to each other.  I don't know where it stems from, but the hate is real.  But, Simply Be has created the most perfect combination of floral and jumpsuit.  Instead of the sweet pastels that usually accompany spring florals, this one-piece jumpsuit decides to darken up and use a navy background with florals reminiscent of autumn.  Just my style...

Jumpsuit, Simply Be; Denim Jacket, Gap (super old)

PS, do not wait until the last minute to use the restroom wearing a one piece that zips in the back.  I learned this the hard way...

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FFF Week...Casting Tour in the DMV

This weekend, I decided to head over to the Lane Bryant Pentagon City Mall in Northern Virginia (a hop, skip, and a jump from DC).  This was the last stop in the Full-Figure Fashion Week 2013 Casting Tour, and the models were sure to come out.  For certain, I can vouch for the fierceness of the full-figured community in DC, but I wanted to see women confident enough to strut the runway.  And let me tell you... they brought it!  I would watch the women sashaying in the mall and I knew instinctively that they were on their way to the casting.  On this day, the mall belonged to all the curvy women.  It was as if no one, or nothing else existed.  I was so moved by the energy, and sheer joy of this event, I wanted to scream.  This is the part of being full-figured that brings me happiness; and the reason I do this blog.  I want to showcase women that have plenty to offer being true to themselves.  Even if that "themselves" is too much for others.

Below,  some of the people who auditioned to walk the runway at 2013's Full-Figured Fashion Week in NY.  Enjoy...
The judges panel

I ALWAYS find a twin when I go out!  Look at me trying to "outmodel" her.  She won...

Friends and family anxiously waiting

And what?

Ms. Sharon Quinn, the "Original Diva"



Collaborations with major retailers are nothing new anymore.  Kohl's has had several collaborations with designers, Sears, and perhaps most notably, Target and H&M have partnered with some of the most desired designers to bring affordable designs to the masses.  I have never been excited about any of the collaborations (perhaps because they never offer plus sizes?), and frankly, I have never been a huge fan of the designers' original wares.  But then there was Duro Olowu.  I have followed his designs  for forever.  If you follow this blog, you know that I am constantly trying to incorporate an African aesthetic into my wardrobe.  There is something about the vibrant prints from the motherland that entice me like nothing else.  When I heard that Duro Olowu was partnering with JCP to design a line, I knew I had to have a few items.  I actually found a JCP and went to the actual store (haven't been in a JCP in probably a decade) and I found the exact shirt I had been salivating over online!  It was even better in person than it was online.  Here are some pics of items that I actually want and may return to get:

The X-Large fit fine.  Don't let size discourage you as a curvy woman.    I can look at things and know immediately what size will and wont fit me.  I knew that this dress would fit fine because it had a elastic waist, flutter sleeves and a flowing fabric.  

The top I came for! I fell in love... I was so pressed I wore this top the very next day.  I hadn't even had it a full 12 hours. SMDH...

Now this is print mixing done right

Only $30?!

While at JCP, I decided to see what else they had.  They have a really great plus size section.  JCP is definitely on trend with fashions that are being offered for all sizes.  And their price points are very affordable.  I left with the following goodies:

A basic shirt in the BRIGHTEST shocking pink color I have ever seen in clothing.  I cant wait to get even more toasty this Spring/Summer and pair this with my sun-kissed ebony skin

This blazer was the most perfect orangey-red with a white design going through it.  Lined and everything...

This top is made of an almost sweatshirt material.  It will be dressed up and down, with jeans and dresses, slacks, and skirts. The color is killer...It screams Spring

Only $17 dollars...

Who doesn't need a Pink blazer?  Did I just say that? With a straight face, too?

Ladies, as more and more stores are choosing to remove their plus size offerings from their brick and mortar stores (Saks Fifth Avenue, Eloquii, Old Navy), we have to support the stores that continue to provide options for us.  Add JCP to your list...

P.S. Guess what else I found at JCP...

Georgina Chapman of Marchesa is designing a line at JCP? JCP is doing too much now...

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