I remember like it was yesterday. "Ma'am, please take your bra off and lean over. We are all women in here and trust me I have seen my share of breasts."  This coming from an obviously 22-year old womanchild who was dressed ultra-trendy but obviously had just come out of her training bra.  But I did as I was told.  I leaned over at the waist and allowed her to hoist my titties into what I imagined was not going to fit, considering the sheer size of it.  She ordered me to stand up straight, she actually went into my bra and adjusted my breasts, and said, "There, turn around and have a look in the mirror. Just as I thought, a 36 H."  I turned around slowly, not believing this bra would look any different than the 40 DDD bra I had just purchased from Macy's several weeks previously.  But it was if magic happened.  I had never looked smaller in my life.  My waist looked several inches smaller, and my posture was straighter than ever.  Could it be?  Was I a part of the over 80% of women speculated to be wearing the wrong size bra?  If this bra was any proof, I was.

This here is the bra brand that changed my life...

As a fuller figure bra wearer since I was in middle school (I was a DD in middle school), I thought I knew about all the bra brands that catered to fuller-figure women.  But I had never even heard of Elomi.  But since then, I wear the brand EXCLUSIVELY.  I mean, I tossed every single bra I had in my drawer and started over.  I have amassed quite a collection of Elomi Bras, and I fall in love with them more and more every time I wear them.  Elomi, of course, has a website that has their full line of bras, but Nordstrom carries all of their bras, with a guarantee to have your size in stock. I suggest you go to Nordstrom to try it on. Since I am familiar with their bras, I know what size to get, so I am a little more comfortable buying from other places.  

Now, for those of you used to paying $20-$30 dollars for your bras, this is not the brand for you.  But I will say this to all of my fuller busted sisters.  What good is it to have on an outfit that cost hundreds of dollars, if your ill-fitting bra is going to make it look like it came from the $10 Store?  My grandmother told me when I was young to invest in "a good mattress, a good leather shoe, and a good bra."  And my grandmother has never steered me wrong.

Here, the styles that are in constant rotation in my lingerie wardrobe:
The BEST shirt for T-Shirts and other tops for when you need a smooth appearance

This is their bestseller (try it on and you will know why).  I have this in multiple colors. My everyday bra.
The Elomi Caitlyn

Of course, if you are unable to shop a local store that houses Elomi brand bras, check out this video that may be of some help.  

PS. You thought these bras would be ugly just because I said they provide great support. Shame on you...

I'm always on the hunt for new bra bands, what are some other full-figure bra brands that I need to know?  Please let me know. Us big-breasted women have to stick together! Lol

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