So... I am running out of space in my room to store anymore jewelry.  Literally, I can not stash another necklace on my necklace hanger, and there is no more room for my bangles.  Plus, as I attempt to cut back on my clothing spending, jewelry expenses are an easy expense to eliminate.  In comes RocksBox. According to their website, "RocksBox is a membership-based jewelry styling service. Members pay a flat rate of $19/month to get access to a personalized rotating closet of designer jewelry, sent in sets of three at a time."  Oh yeah!  This is a great way to refresh my jewelry collection, without breaking the bank.  I like to think of them as the Netflix of jewelry.  I received my first collection of jewelry from RocksBox in the mail today.  Here's what I got:

Note: I am going through a phase of not wearing earrings, so when prompted by my stylist when I signed up for RocksBox, I asked to be sent only rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

House of Harlow 1960 - Five Station Necklace in Black Leather

Gorjana - Mesa Crossover Ring

Nakamol Mixed Crystals Five Times Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

Letter from my "Stylist" Kathy.  I love that they took time to really address my wants!  BTW, the Size 8 ring fit great...
I love the necklace, but honestly, the ring and bracelet are not my style.  I am going to wear the necklace tonight with a black T-shirt dress and gladiator boots, but I will probably send everything back on Tuesday in exchange for something more my style.

Also included in my RocksBox was a Prepaid Shipping label that I can use to ship my jewelry back in exchange for another three items.  I love that I will receive another set of jewelry in days and I can switch my items out as much as I want for only the monthly $19.99 subscription fee.  

If you are like me, and want to save money while still adding to the wardrobe, I suggest you use Rocksbox, too.

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  1. you should delete the blog if u dont plan to post regularly..its discouraging to find someone inspiring and they are not consistent. uhhhhh!!!!!!!


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