Black Widow...

Except I'm not a widow.  Or a spider. But the name sounded cool, dangerous, badass. Hence the title.  Once again I reverted back to my trustee black voluminous top/dress over pants.  Look, I'm going through a phase that just so happens to have lasted a little over 20 years with the dress over pants thing, but I am slowly, but surely, moving past it.

I wore this to go brunching Sunday morning.  Since I had to catch a flight shortly after my brunch date, I decided to keep it basic and comfortable.  This oversized asymmetrical dress from Asos did the trick.  Atop my trusty, dusty DIY destroyed "boyfriend" jeans, I felt just as badass as I apparently looked, based on the stares of so many at the airport.  Lol!

Dress (worn as a tunic): Asos Curve, Jeans: DIY

Shoes: Topshop (old)

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  1. Gorgeous! In the year of 2017. People around me suddenly begin to hang out with animal dress.I'm feeling curious and suspicion at the moment:"Is this a thing now?"And here's my thoughts after research and the dress that I bought.


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