If I am to believe all of the fashion magazines this summer, Sporty looks and Mesh are all the rage.  Perhaps that is why I was so drawn to this Mesh skirt and Mesh Bomber jacket by plus size superstar Calvin Klein.  While looking for something to wear to the Beyonce and Jay-Z On-the-Run Concert tour, I came across this wonderful set in white.  I loved it!  But, my sensibilities kicked in and I decided that white was not as practical as the black, so I purchased the black.  Although this is mesh, I can see myself wearing this all year round, even in the winter months with tights and boots as the skirt is lined.  I also plan to break this up to match with countless other clothing items.  And because this was purchased over the July 4th weekend at Macy's, with a WOW pass, this entire ensemble was under $100.  Not bad if I say so myself...

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  1. Oooh, my store didn't have the black - I really like that! And with the shoes - go'head! I'm putting that skirt on my list...


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