Saturday Chillin...

So these are not really "fashiony" pics. But this is me running errands and on my way to a sewing class.  I've decided that this blog will reflect all aspects of me, not just showcase my fabulousness, haha.  Who actually manages to look fabulous all the time?  If you do, share your secret.  Until then, sit back and relax...

On my way to a "Sew and Sip".  I tell you, people want to drink wine while doing EVERYTHING!
This is a t shirt dress from ASOS.  I swear, I am trying to dress in another silhouette!  But I keep returning to my tried and true dress over leggings.  Can you say, "style slump"?

Giving face as fiercely as anyone else could...

I often forget about these leggings.  And then I remember them and they come back out of hibernation.

PS. To "Anonymous" who told me to "just delete my blog if [I] wasn't going to post regularly". Thank you.  It put fire under my ass.


  1. I enjoy everything you post. I am always overjoyed to see how people dress during "real life" because everyday is an event if you regard it as such. LOVED this outfit - you make me want to wear leggings which I almost never do. Love seeing you whenever you drop by but please don't feel pressured - life has a whole lot going on for most of us!

    1. Hey Juliette! Miss you around these Thanks, but no pressure at all. I just needed the boost.


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