August is upon us already.  And although some consider this the pinnacle of summer, truthfully, we are all thinking about Autumn right about now.  As a teacher, I have summers off, so August is my month to really buckle down and get back into work mode.  And with the transition from Summer to Autumn, I am always thinking of how to stretch my Summer wardrobe into Fall without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe.  Or course, layers are a lifesaver when transitioning to cooler weather, but shoes can be an issue.  Every female loves to show their toes in summer with sandals, but when the temperature drops, sandals are not the most practical option.  In comes the every season shoe - the peeptoe Bootie. Wear them in summer with sundresses, skirts, shorts, and flowy pants.  When cold weather approaches, throw on a pair of cute socks, colorful tights, and pair them with your favorite fall ensemble!
I am the queen of peeptoe Booties.  Because they allow your toes to be free, they are completely appropriate for summer, but because the majority  of your foot is covered, they provide warmth in the Fall/Winter seasons.  Brilliant, right?...  And there is something so badass about having the nerve to cut the toe completely out of a boot.  Here, my collection of peeptoe booties. And no, one pair and one style is not enough. Ha!

Jeffrey Campbell boots
I got these when Angel Laws, blogger and founder of Concrete Loop, decided to sell wares form her closet.  A steal. (People are always selling things on Instagram. These were brand new!  And for a fraction of the original price. )

 Nine West Highland boot
These booties with cutouts has been a mainstay this summer.  I have worn them with EVERYTHING... On sale in several different colors now. Follow the link.

Steve Madden Scandlus Bootie. (On sale now at Lord and Taylor)
Okay, I bought these very early in the year.  They went on sale for 60% at Nordstrom several months later, and I was bummed.  I called Nordstrom, told them that I wanted a discount and they immediately credited my account the difference between what I paid and what the sale price was.  Nordstrom's customer service is legendary.

Nine West Bayles
These are oldies but goodies for me, and even though they have a Western look, they are highly versatile.  I bought these a couple years ago, but Ebay always has these in both Black and Stone colors.  

I didn't even know that Ugg made boots like this.  But Marshall's had them several years ago. 

Nine West Miraculous booties
 These were super cheap from Lord and Taylor.  I paid $32 for these a couple months ago.  And this bluish-gray color is really cute when I want to lighten an ensemble up.

Nine West Blaze
I love the crackled leather on these boots.  It adds some character...

You all have seen these Sigerson Morrison beauties before.  An Ebay find.

While many thought the peeptoe bootie trend would fade several years ago, they have had staying power.  Do you have peeptoe booties, or would you buy a pair?  Let me know below...


  1. And it's off to shopping I go! I've been on the hunt for a a low heel peep toe bootie for MONTHS (broke my ankle a few years back so I can't do over an inch and a half anymore). and I'd given up. But you always look so cool that I gotta give it another try.!This post is my inspiration.
    BTW, I love when people say a "trend is over" and we keep wearing it so they have to resurrect it! Another case for wearing what you want!

    1. Exactly! They said the same for peplums, faux

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