Think Pink...

Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia

NARS Funny Face

MAC Girl About Town

MAC Scandalicious (Limited Edition *sold out)

MAC All Fired Up

Melt Cosmetics Shady Lady

Sephora Luster Matte in Magenta
So, everyone is talking about wine-colored lips and nails, turtlenecks, and boots and tights, and I'm still fighting almost ninety degree weather here.  Now, I love Autumn as much as the next person, but honestly, if you are spotted wearing suede patchwork culottes with a leather moto jacket in this heat and humidity, you will garner strange looks. While I am looking forward to the clothing that cooler temperatures usher in, I am a realist.  So I'm still thinking pink.  Pink is the perfect transitional color for September. It acts like the innocent little sister of Red, and is the sweetheart stepdaughter to naughty stepmom, Wine. And it looks good on everyone. Everyone. Anddddddddd, these pictures allow you to see what these colors look like on dark-skin. Not Frieda Pinto dark (magazines always use her as their "dark" model), but MY DARK. You're welcome my darker-hued sisters. 


  1. Still cracking up over your comment about "Frieda Pinto dark" - so true! All "dark" people get lumped into one big pile, even though we have 10000 hues. *sigh* I digress - stopped by to say how lovely you look! Nice to know I'm not the only dark lady stuck on pink for autumn - a color I've very seldom worn but am now craving for some reason. Great minds....

    1. Exactly! When did she become the poster girl for "dark" girls. Get you some pink! Soon...

  2. Love pink on my dark chocolate skin😘


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