New Year, New Dreams... 2016 Dreamer's Notebook

Happy New Year!  Time for resolutions, right?  You may remember that I am not a huge fan of resolutions (here).  I'm not opposed to them, I just don't think they are specific enough to make a difference in someone's life.  Now I AM a huge fan of having dreams and setting goals that move you toward achieving those dreams!  It may seem cheesy, but the new year brings with it a new energy.  It's impossible to ignore the sense of renewal that permeates the air.  With so many people looking to the new year to provide them the restart we all need, the new year inevitably causes people to assess the previous year, and set new goals for the upcoming year.

I am no different.  There are a few goals that I set last year and I achieved most of them, but 2015 is in the past and instead of dwelling on those moments, I prefer to look ahead and reset my goals for 2016.  In comes the most perfect notebook/planner/journal that a woman could ask for.  I found this planner on Etsy, while browsing the 2016 day planners/calendar offerings. After coming across thousands, I knew this one was the one for me.

I love that this is written in plain, accessible, relatable language. Sometimes, in our efforts to be "enlightened", the message can become lost in the use of words and concepts that don't play a part in our everyday lives.  This book allows you to "get it" at a very base level.

Who hasn't made this mistake? It's hard to develop new goals for a new year without reflecting on the goals you achieved, and didn't achieve, the year prior. This planner helps you to think ahead, but also allows for reflection of the things that were not useful to you in the previous year. Those things we want to "leave behind".

I usually have three journals - one for my finances, one for Girls of Plenty, and one for the rest of the things I have going on!  This planner integrates them all into one.  Life is not compartmentalized, and neither should your dreams and goals be.  The planner is set-up to force you to work on your financial goals and your work goals, but also to work on your passion.
After purchasing the planner and doing some digging around, I found the creator of this "Dreamer's Notebook", and her website (here).  Just reading her story about her journey to actually create this planner was so inspirational to me, I have decided to buy more planners for my friends.  I am so happy to be able to support this sister, Arionne Alyssa Nettles, in her endeavors, and I am too excited about the work I have to do to achieve my dreams this year. This planner serves as a stand-in for that one friend that tells it to you like it is!  Who doesn't need that, even if you don't want it?

In purchasing this planner, I am already one-step closer to achieving some my 2016  goals: 
  1. patronize more Black entrepreneurs; 
  2. buy from women; 
  3. shop small;
  4. use Girls of Plenty as a platform to showcase inspirational women 
In order to get your planner, go to the Etsy Site and get yours.  You will love it.  Now get to achieving!

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