Throw Back Thursday.... MAC's Film Noir

The 1990s was my shit... I mean really.  The early 1990s to be more specific. (The late 1990s brought the demise of my first "real" relationship, motherhood, an extra-long stint in undergrad that would spill into the next decade, yada, yada, yada...)  I was introduced to MAC cosmetics and the ubiquitous lipstick shade, Film Noir in high school.  A self-professed "natural girl", after purchasing what is arguably the absolutely most perfect color that MAC may have ever created, you would rarely see me without this shade on my lips. A must have for absolutely everyone, this color transcended race, color, and class.  MAC cosmetics was my first foray into make-up, when my version of being "made-up" included getting my eyebrows arched, and wearing Film Noir. As life seems to become more and more complicated, this lipstick remains a mainstay in my lipstick collection. Admittedly, I rarely wear this color, opting to wear more brights.  But when I do, nostalgia hits me hard. Ahhhhh.... a return to a simpler, less complicated time.  Although time waits for no one, perhaps wearing Film Noir might help me get "that old thing back." We'll see.

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  1. Ah, the 90s! So much carrying on, some of it is a blur, LOL! You look fierce! (Were we saying that then?)


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